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Beyond Self-Care Transformational Program

5 Week Online Course to Reclaim Your Time & Energy

Creating space for our own health and wellness is a revolutionary act in a fractured world.

Beyond Self-Care is a self-guided 5-week online program that will forever change how you see self-care. You will learn that it's so much more than hot baths and journalling. You will be empowered to step more fully into who you are, and be who you're meant to become.

Learn the 5 Roles of Self-Care, a framework that gives life-changing clarity to behaviour and relationships. Enjoy an intuitive wellness toolkit that goes along with each role so you can put it into practice and lead yourself to wellness.


Watch the videos below to learn Evelyn and Catherine's transformational experiences with Beyond Self-Care!

Making time for self-care

and creating a balanced life is hard...

  • Life is incredibly demanding.

  • There are so many pressures put on us, whether in our personal or professional lives. It can be hard to find wellness in the midst of all the expectations and responsibilities. 

  • Busy culture makes it feel impossible.

  • Society expects us to be highly productive and over-scheduled. Busy culture is normalized at the expense of wellness. 

  • You've been taught to value the needs of others more than your own.

  • We are bombarded with messaging from every direction that teaches us to put others first. Caring compassionately for others is wonderful and necessary, but only when we're coming from a healthy place that prioritizes our wellness. 

  • Prioritizing yourself makes you feel selfish and guilty.

  • We are taught through spoken and inferred judgements that caring for ourselves is weakness, when in reality it is actually a strength that ultimately benefits everyone.

  • It's hard to get in touch and clear about your own needs.

  • Even when we want to support ourselves through self-care, it can be hard to figure out what we really need and how to make it happen. 

    NOW is the time to shift away from these challenges, and lead ourselves to wellness!

    There's no better time than the present to take steps toward creating a more health and balance in our relationship with ourselves. 

    When we prioritize our well-being, we:

  • Are more grounded and calm 

  • Are better equipped to deal with challenges

  • Enjoy more energy to put towards what matters most

  • Enjoy more creativity

  • Have an easier time finding solutions

  • Are more comfortable saying NO so that we can say YES to what we really want and need

  • Reclaim your time and energy with the 5 Roles of Self-Care
    and this transformational program!

    Your Investment

    For Beyond Self-Care Transformational Program

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    Not happy with the program?
    Let us know within 30 days of purchase,
    and we'll refund you, no questions asked!

    Not sure yet?

    Attend the Beyond Self-Care free webinar! 

    This free online workshop will help you discover the transformational 5 Roles of Self-Care so you can get unstuck, and reclaim your time and energy!


    Beyond Self-Care Transformational Program

    Start to reclaim your time & energy through
    clarity, connection & courage.

    5-week online program to live a healthier, more balanced life.

    This course will help you:

  • Discover an innovative, horse-inspired mindset shift to help you lead yourself to wellness

  • Be guided through activities designed to support a healthy use of the 5 roles of self-care at your own pace

  • Develop an intuitive wellness toolkit that will support you in every area of life

  • Connect to a supportive online community and get lifetime access to all program videos & activities


  • You struggle to find time for yourself

  • You feel anxious, overwhelmed or burnt out

  • Other self-care strategies just haven't worked

  • You have a hard time saying no

  • Your needs often get put on the back burner

  • It's unclear why self-care is so hard for you

  • This is NOT the right program for you if...

  • You don't want a more balanced life

  • You're not interested in learning a new perspective

  • You already have all the support you want and need

  • You don't enjoy personal growth

  • Your life is exactly the way you want it, and you don't want change

  • Video based content is not your style

  • What to expect with the Beyond Self-Care Transformational Program

    Introducing the 5 Roles

    You can access this for FREE!

    The introduction will include:

  • Getting familiar with this course

  • A whole new perspective: Introducing the 5 roles of self-care

  • Shifting your mindset: Behaviours vs who we are

  • The Sentinel

    This module will include:

  • Building awareness & expanding on possibilities: the Sentinel role strengths & challenges for self-care

  • Reflective questions to enhance the learning

  • A moment with nature & the 5 senses to regulate your nervous system

  • Creating part 1 of your wellness plan: noticing your needs

  • The Nurturer/Companion

    This module will include:

  • Enhancing connection & well-being: the Nurturer/Companion role strengths & challenges for self-care

  • Reflective questions to enhance the learning

  • Heart breathing: self-regulate & re-connect

  • Creating part 2 of your wellness plan: supporting your well-being with compassion

  • The Leader

    This module will include:

  • Getting clear about where you're heading: the Leader role strengths & challenges for self-care

  • Reflective questions to enhance the learning

  • Connecting to your inner compass to support clarity in self-care

  • Creating part 3 of your wellness plan: Getting clear on what wellness looks like to you

  • The Dominant

    This module will include:

  • Accessing your power to direct & protect your well-being:

    the Dominant role strengths & challenges for self-care

  • Reflective questions to enhance the learning

  • Tips and scripts: how to say NO so you can say YES to self-care

  • Creating part 4 of your wellness plan: assertively get your needs met by yourself & others

  • The Predator

    This module will include:

  • Releasing what no longer serves you: the Predator role strengths & challenges for self-care

  • Reflective questions to enhance the learning

  • The art of letting go: combining courage & compassion to create healthy endings

  • Creating part 5 of your wellness plan: a cull to support health & well-being

  • Masterful Self-Care

    This module will include:

  • Mastering self-care: whole-being integration

  • Complete your wellness plan & transform your life

  • Concluding our time together

  • And Some Serious BONUSES!

    Supporting meaningful and lasting transformations


      Be guided on 5 unique and calming visualizations that intentionally strengthen each of the 5 roles of self-care! Each visualization will be released with its corresponding module. 


      Connect to others who are going through the program through the Beyond Self-Care private Facebook group! Enjoy being part of a community of people who are all learning to make self-care a priority.


      Get into the habit of practicing gratitude through this lens of the 5 roles. Enjoy these 5 distinct gratitude practices that will increase your connection to yourself and to life!

    Your Questions Answered

    How much time do I need to set aside each week to do this program?

    That is completely up to you! Each week, there's about 45 minutes of course material (less than one of our favourite Netflix shows!). This alone will begin to offer a powerful mindset shift and wellness toolkit that you can immediately take into your day-to-day life.

    Beyond that, there are several activities and self-care tools in each week's module that will help you integrate the learning on a deeper level. You can pick and choose which ones you like, and decide how much time you want to spend on them. This program is designed to offer as much or as little time commitment as you feel is needed.

    Do I still retain access to the program and resources after it has finished?

    Yes! You get lifetime access to the entire program including all videos and resource materials. You are also encouraged to continue connecting to others in the private Facebook group, even after the program has finished.

    What if I fall behind?

    No problem! You can follow along at your own speed - you will get lifetime access to the program, so there's no pressure!

    What extra support will be available?

    One of the most valuable bonuses of this program is the private Facebook group just for those taking the course. This is a wonderful place to find support, connection and community with others who are also learning to prioritize wellness with the 5 roles of self-care. 

    Lastly, if you are experiencing any difficulties navigating the course or any other potential roadblocks, you can contact us at [email protected] and we'd be happy to help!

    What if I decide this isn't for me?

    If you have paid for this program and realize that it's simply not your cup of tea, let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we will absolutely give you a 100% refund.

    Have a question that hasn't been answered?

    Let us know by contacting us at

    Watch the video below to have your questions answered:

    I was feeling depleted in many areas of my life. I felt a deep sense of loss of purpose. I was on autopilot “busy doing” and I was taking care of everything except me. This course helped me to see what true self care is. It’s not just exercise or healthy food. It’s a holistic routine of managing life through intention and choice. I hit a different level of growth, a different level of understanding, of being. It changed my life dramatically.

    Evelyn Mosquera

    Buying into this crazy life of constant work, people pleasing and sacrificing my own well-being, led to a breakdown of my health and marriage. This program came along just when I needed it. It helped me to understand the multitude of forms of self care – its not just bubble baths and bon-bons – it’s how we allow others to treat us, as much as it’s how we treat ourselves! It was also important to grasp that without prioritizing and protecting a space for quieting our minds and meeting our needs, we can’t function at our best and we don’t operate from a place of strength and authenticity. This course will help us stand firm, while bombarded by a culture of busy-ness, self-sacrifice and constant negative chatter.

    Paige Wilde

    Hello and welcome to Beyond Self-Care!

    My name is Carmen and as an owner and operator of 3 businesses, I’ve learned some tough lessons about self-care. After years of trial and error, and a lot of research, I've discovered what it means to truly care for myself and make room for wellness, even when life feels too busy.

    As a farrier (hoof care for horses), coach and facilitator, I've worked with thousands of horses, and they've been remarkable teachers. Horses act as honest mirrors, letting me know quite clearly when I'm not in a place of balance and health. They also give clear feedback about what works and what doesn't, which is completely translatable into our human worlds.

    As an Advanced Eponaquest Instructor, I've been able to build on Linda Kohanov's innovative leadership model The Five Roles of a Master Herder, and transform these concepts into the 5 Roles of Self-Care. This framework offers a powerful mindset shift, forever changing how we perceive self-care and learning how to masterfully lead ourselves to wellness.

    In this course, I share an intuitive wellness toolkit that has worked for me and is "horse approved”! It's also been essential for many clients that I serve through Horse Sense North, where I offer leadership and personal growth with some Horse Sense.

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    Beginning Your Journey

    Once you purchase the program, you'll immediately get access to the introduction and module 1. The following modules will be released weekly.

    We'll send you an email that will include your login information to the course portal, and this is where you can access the course.

    You'll also be able to join the Beyond Self-Care private Facebook group so you can connect with others in the community.

    Looking forward to seeing you in there!

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